AIDC EGYPT - EBC Produce | fresh fruit exporter in Egypt

Vision & Mission

Our Vision:
At EBC produce our ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between farmers, distributors, and consumers to the point where consumers get what they want, rather than what is available. Doing so will allow us to elevate our services to better serve the consumers as well as efficiently maximizing profits for our partners and our organization.

Our Mission:

EBC PRODUCE is dedicated to the sustainable agricultural provider and partner, ensuring supply sufficiency, high quality of farming and production operations, affordability of logistical distribution and protection of the environment and natural resources.


Our Values:

Honesty: Ensuring we work & communicate transparently with trust & integrity among our customers, Employees, Stakeholders and Shareholders.

Productivity: Ensuring productivity by means of the protection of close relationship with both customers and suppliers.

Transparency: Ensuring openness, communication, and accountability in our various engagements.

Efficiency: Producing more products with less resource such as efficiency, manpower, plant and equipment and reducing unit costs.

Responsibility for Environment and Nature: Supporting ethical ventures in our communities through environmentally sustainable resources & methods.


Our Staff :

Our Staff:
Corporate Social Responsibility
At EBC, we believe that Social Responsibility starts at home, and that it is part of our mandate to encourage and nurture the growth and wellbeing of our staff and the communities in which we do business.
Training Programs
Our training programs are intensive and robust, actively helping ambitious employees to advance their careers, and thus improve their standards of living.
Human Resources
As EBC believes that its human resources are its greatest asset, the Human Resources department is responsible for ensuring that a safe working environment is available to all EBC employees.